Professional stream of study: Transportation Operation and Technology

Course Module: Transportation Operation and Technology 


1. Introduction to Intelligent Transportation Systems;

2. Traffic Control;

3. Introductory transportation network.

Introduction to Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Ÿ Introduce the framework of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and the functions of the ITS sub-systems
  • Ÿ Discuss the techniques and analytical tools in ITS, including GPS, digital map, wireless communication, bus arrival time prediction, transfer information etc
  • Ÿ Discuss how to design an ITS system for users’ requirement
  • Ÿ Discuss the technologies of cloud computing and internet of things, and its applications in traffic and transportation problems

Traffic Control

  • Ÿ Introduce the basic concept and framework of traffic control
  • Ÿ Discuss how to collect traffic data for analysis
  • Ÿ Discuss the design of traffic signal for urban arterials and networks
  • Ÿ Introduce the simulation software for traffic control

Introductory transportation network

  • Ÿ Transportation network problems: trip generation, demand matrix estimation, traffic assignment, network design (with traffic signal, arterial, road expansion etc.)
  • Ÿ Introduction to related model development in transportation network
  • Ÿ Problem formulation in mathematical model

Core ability

By the completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Be familiar with the framework of ITS and its sub-systems
  • Collect and analyze traffic data
  • Analyze and produce required traffic information
  • Analyze traffic problem, and solve the problem with appropriate technologies
  • Analyze the reason of traffic congestion, and solve the problem using traffic control technologies

Job market

  • Civil servants
  • Engineers in consultancy companies
  • Engineers in Information Technology companies in traffic and transportation related industry (e.g. Navigation system)
  • Information Technology related industry

          Job title:          Professional Program Management

          Job nature:     Project planner, customer communication, specification and service proposal, job assignment,

                                    engineer coordination, progress evaluation, performance evaluation


          Job title:          System analyst

          Job nature:     Problem analysis, specification of system software and hardware, system architecture, data

                                    presentation, system performance, design and development of interface for front and back office                                     management


          Job title:          Traffic and transportation engineer

          Job nature:     Program analysis, data collection, solution design, system development, integration of software  

                                    and hardware