Professional stream of study: Logistics Management

Program Module: Logistics Management


Strategic Logistics Management (Required)、International Logistics Management、Transportation and Distribution Management、Procurement and Operations Logistics

Logistics Management (Required)

  1.  Concept of global logistics management
  2. Supply chain framework (Demand forecasting, Inventory management and planning, production and purchase)
  3. Logistics system design and location analysis
  4. Logistics transportation operations

International Logistics Management

  1. Introduction to strategic planning tools
  2. Supply chain operations reference model and analysis
  3. Logistics of seaport and airport area
  4.  Cross-border logistics operations
  5. Operations customs and forwarders
  6. Logistics performance evaluation and administration

Transportation and Distribution Management

  1. Value chain and channels
  2. Demand forecasting technology
  3. Order and account management
  4. Vehicle route planning and scheduling
  5. Logistics center operations and management

Procurement and Operations Logistics

  1. Purchase planning and management
  2.  Inventory control
  3. Material requirement planning
  4. Capacity requirement planning
  5. Operation resource scheduling
  6. Application of information and automation technology to shor-floor control







Core Competencies

After completing the program module, students can:

  1. Comprehend enterprise global logistics strategy and supply chain framework.
  2. Apply the supply chain business model and extend it to practice industry demand analysis.
  3. Participate in the purchase management policy, planning, procedure, and performance evaluation.
  4. Participate in the order and account management, and goods distribution and carriage planning.
  5. Participate in the enterprise resource (materials, human resource, and equipments) planning and scheduling, and operation field administration.
  6. Participate in the logistics of seaport and airport area, logistics operations for crossing the boundary, and logistics center operation and administration.

Employment Opportunity:

  • Professional Manager of Global Logistics
  • Inbound: Purchase Planner, Purchase Manager, Materials Manager
  • Outbound: Logistics Manager, Vehicle Distribution Planner 
  • Supply Chain Planner, Logistics Planner, Materials Manager, Capacity Planner

Appendix: Employment Market (Employment Opportunity and Job Description Listed by Human Resource Agency)

One. Purchase Planner

  1. Collecting marketing information and analyze industry condition.
  2.  Assisting marketing forecasting, negotiation, and communication.
  3. Participating in project customer’s business, and advise resource purchase for project customer to integrate and coordinate external transportation resource.
  4. Practicing purchase requirement planning according to mid-term and long-term material requirement planning.
  5. Practicing statistics analysis of the data of external transportation resources seasonally, planning business development, and continuously improving the management of external transportation resources.

Two. Purchase Manager

  1.  Stipulating the management policy, system, working flow, and verifiable objectives for external transportation resource purchase, practicing the instruction, and supervising the implementation.
  2. Assisting directors of purchase management to stipulate purchase management system and to improve the procedures.
  3. Analyzing and managing the cost of purchase
  4. Managing the suppliers’ performance
  5. Analyzing the difference of internal and external operating costs, and proposing reasonable suggestions to reduce internal operating cost.

Three. Logistics Planner

  1. Planning and management for each logistics storage operating procedures.
  2. Planning and management for logistics model and logistics system platform.
  3. Logistics project planning, and procedure improvement planning.
  4. Performance evaluation, cost evaluation, and KPI management of logistics operation.
  5. Logistics cost / Payable accounts management.
  6. Tracing, expedition, and negotiation of all delivery affairs, and the assurance of customer’s delivery date.
  7. Price negotiation of logistics purchase.
  8. Administration of the materials import and export customs declaration, carriage, tracing, and other related shipping affairs.
  9. 3PL and 4PL management, and project negotiation of multinational corporation in one group.

Four. Logistics Manager

  1. Logistics management, and logistics system planning and integration.
  2. Purchase management, and purchase time and quantity control.
  3. Ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of the procedure of order picking and replenishment
  4. Mid-term and long-term material requirement planning
  5. Storage management, storage quantity, storage location, and storage region planning and optimization.
  6. Auditing sheets and reports of each business operation.
  7. Human resource usage, management, objective promotion, procedure improvement, and performance upgrade.

Five. Materials Manager

  1. Storage management and control of each raw material and material (including daily purchase and delivery, consumption, accounting record, allocation, delivery date inquiring of materials.
  2. Practicing the material packaging and the job arrangement of logistics carriage.
  3. Storage space maintenance and adjustment.
  4. Stock and ship control for storage quantity of each product.
  5. Receipt accounting operation and bill settlement, transaction report editing, and so on.

Six. Supply Chain Planner

  1. Planning and implementing the material supply from supplier to company.
  2. Ensuring the reliability of major supplier’s transportation.
  3. Planning, implementing, and controlling supplier’s production capability and flexibility.
  4. Actively managing the delivery date and cycle of supplier’s orders.
  5. Serving as the leader for logistics supplier group, including the contact window for the logistics, service, planning, and other requests of new products.

Seven. Senior Supervisors

  • Senior Supervisors of Logistics Company for operation and administration, Senior Supervisors of Travel or Transportation
    • Assisting the chairperson of department to stipulate logistic strategy planning, and to implement the plan for logistics affairs of company.
    • Administrating the basic operations of storage, logistics, and supply chain of logistic center, and human resource control.
    • Leading the third party logistics operation group, including fleet, logistics center, and administrative management.
    • Organizing customers’ logistics demands, and planning and establishing comprehensive logistics service solution.
    • Distributing operating resource and controlling operating cost and business analysis.
    • Stipulating and administrating the operation, maintenance, and safety manuals for logistics center.
    • Establishing the service quality indexes, and evaluating them continuously.
    • Practicing the operating auditing actively and supervising the items for improvement.
    • Promoting and implementing business plans.
    • Implementing the administration policy of the company, and supervising the implementation.
    • Making negotiation between supplier and sales department in order to ensure that the product will be ready in time and to control the operations for the effectiveness and quality of products.
  • Overseas Resident Senior Sales/Storage Supervisors
    • Having experiences of sea transportation, air transportation, logistics, storage affairs, and business and administration.
    • Working in accordance with the development of headquarters to take charge of the business of the overseas branch.
    • Taking the responsibility for the profit and loss of the branch, drawing up the business development plan, objectives, and implementation strategy.
    • Practicing and tracing the control objectives of each operating performance.
    • Leading sales team to develop new customers, and giving feedback to marketing information and development plan at any time.
  • Sea and Air Transportation Contract — Manager of Sea Transportation Department
    • Having experiences in the industry of sea or air transportation for eight years or above. It is preferable to have good English proficiency.
    • Familiarizing the European and American air route, being able to work independently with strong ambition.
    • Administrating sea export department and promoting the performance.